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The deviceĀ uses radio frequency waves to transmit signals that activate garage door or barrier opening process. It can be either mounted in the car (out of sight), or it is installed on the sun visor and controlled by buttons on the device.

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This technology uses computer vision methods for data acquisition, based on image sequence analysis stem from real time surveillance cameras or from archival records. Video analytics is software for working with video content. The software is based on computer vision algorithms that allow fully-autonomous video monitoring and data analysis (without human intervention). Algorithms of video analytics can be applied to various business systems. The solution we offer for identification and tracking objects in a video stream is based on deep learning algorithms. It enables to extract data on the number and type of tracking objects, to build movement trajectory of objects, as well as to collect statistics and track objects in video surveillance systems.

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Our team consists of

CEO & Founder

Dmitry Kuznetzov

Project manager

Leonid Gaganov

Data science specialist

Dmitry Kuznetzov

Developer of mobile applications

Pavel Lazarev

Back-end developer

Pavel Lazarev

Anatoliy Shmitt

Electronics engineer

Michael Sheronosov

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